T-50 Golden Eagle

T-50 Golden EagleI love this little plane. Most people mistake it for an F-16. That’s because most of its design is cloned from the F-16. However, T-50 Golden Eagle is trainer jet developed by Korea Aerospace Industries. It’s a two seat single engine jet. Because of its more pronounced wing strake, I have always thought of the plane as a mix between the F-18 and F-16. If your gonna copy you might as well get the best of both worlds.

Honestly though, the thing that first caught my eye about this plane is the sexy paint scheme. The white, gold and black color scheme just works for me. Plus the gold eagle on the belly makes me think of a Romulan warbird.

T-50 Golden Eagle belly

See the romulan warbird similarity?

Eventually, I’m going to build an RC model of this plane. I think the only hold up is how I’m going to accurately reproduce the paint scheme.



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